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There is no place in Europe like Slovenia

Want to experience it?

For the 32 guests of a Danish ABN Amro Bank, their incentive trip to Slovenia was a trip of a lifetime. They had a wonderful mix of adrenalin with sightseeing and carefully chosen culinary delights. Our client Telecom Austria had a wonderful time at Lake Bled, where they had strategic meetings for three days with many great teambuilding moments. A business group Renault Belgia wanted to bond their people with local culture and motivated them by spending an active time in the north-western part of Slovenia. They were exploring and bonding with local people for five days. Shell Italy had a delightful event, when their guests had the oportunity to cook their own dinner of prime Slovenian Kranjska klobasa, Prekmurska gibanica, Polenta,... They chose the capital city - Ljubljana, a culinary workshop for 250 people and an evening event on the Ljubljana Castle.


Do you have enough reasons to think about Slovenia as your new incentive and event destination?

Slovenia is the perfect European destination of choice to meet your business partners. Whether your group has 20 or 400 participants, Slovenia will deliver an unforgettable experience. Incentives move business and every euro spent in a travel to Slovenia, will increase revenue and make profits. 


So, what is your plan for 2014 or 2015?

Send us your request and we will create an event that best meets your needs.

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